Joomla 3.8.8 Released

What's in Joomla 3.8.8?
Joomla 3.8.8 is now available. It is a security release which addresses 9 security vulnerabilities, contains over 50 bug fixes, and includes various security related improvements.
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Joomla 1.5 is obsolete

What‘s wrong with Joomla 1.5? Joomla 1.5 has been end of life now for years! In fact Joomla 1.5 has serious security issues. You must upgrade Joomla as soon as possible to continue to be secure. Moving to Joomla 3 is critical.

 "Joomla 1.5 reached its end-of-life on 30 April 2012. It will never be secure in 2018, and you can be expect to be hacked repeatedly. Time is up on these sites - you should replace them asap with new sites running the latest version of Joomla, or just delete the sites from the internet!" - MyJoomla

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Joomla 2.5 is obsolete

What‘s wrong with Joomla 2.5? Joomla 2.5.28 is now end of life! At the end of 2014, Joomla 2.5.28 became "end of support" meaning that no new releases in this series will be made. Moving to Joomla 3 is critical.

 "Joomla 2.5 reached its end-of-life on December 31st, 2014. It will never be secure in 2018, and you can be expect to be hacked repeatedly". - MyJoomla

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Read more Link not appearing on my Joomla site

We recently received a phone call from a client who had all of the 'Read More' links disappear from their Joomla web site. We carefully checked the articles in question in the administrator interface and could clearly see the 'Read More' link indicator in the desired place in the articles. But they would not display in the front end, no matter what we tried. It turns out the problem and the corresponding solution was so obvious, it fooled us for a few hours. (Yes, hours!)

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More well known Joomla sites

We often get asked about high profile Joomla sites. One of the really nice things about Joomla is that its powerful enough to run even the most complex or high traffic websites while still being simple enough for "normal" humans to use. We mostly use Joomla for small and medium business websites. Still its nice to know that it can grow with you if you ever need to run a huge empire!

So here's a list of well known or large websites that are using Joomla. 

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