Tins & String

Are you thinking that heading back to the days of communicating via 'tins and string' would be far easier than managing your mailbox?   You're not alone.
There are heaps of articles out there on how to manage your mailbox.
Here at Artful we have compiled a list of some of the more helpful tips, that all about creating good habits when managing your email.

1. Stop using your inbox as a calendar or a task management tool.

There are heaps of apps, websites and calendars out there where you can manage your tasks rather than using your inbox. A quick Google will bring up heaps of suitable ones. So...read your email, make a task and either delete or file that email away.

2. Create folders/groups.

Most email programs allow you to create folders or groups. Filing away emails that you would like to keep in folders or groups clears your inbox and makes important emails easier to find later on.

3. Still cant find your emails, use the tagging function.

Tagging your emails by priority, colour or function makes using the search function in email programs far easier and quicker.

4. Archive.  

Either use the automatic function available in your preferred email program set yourself a recurring calendar entry to review emails over a certain age. Ask yourself whether its still relevant? Do I still need it? Could I store it somewhere else on my com puter? If you don't need it, delete!

5. Sent & Trash.

Need a procrastination task? On a Friday afternoon perhaps? ;) Delete any unwanted items from your sent folder and then remember to empty your trash or bin afterwards. Free's up a great deal of space!
We hope the tips above are helpful If you would like some more help from a human with email, check out our hosting packages and give us a call on1300 278 385.